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Seven players, two groups of objects.

Seven performers were invited to meet for a workshop in the space, in physical contact and constant exchange. The artist had created an installation tailored to the space and workshop. The group went through a series of exercises, explored their individual as well as their collaborative behavior in movements. These exercises were meant to break down habitual patterns and encourage expression without intellectual directive. Directing their attention to feel at a sensory level and use a type of free association of the body.

The performers were, within restrictions, freely reacting to each other, the space and the objects. The work reflects an interest in the exchange between body and material, improvisation and restriction. Physical impulses play with the critical mind and there is tension between control and release.



Plaster, wallpaper and wood.


Guðrún Benónýsdóttir

Simon Bittner

Michael-David Blostein

Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir

Sigrún Gyða

Chloe Kwiatkowski

Ingileif Franzdóttir Wechner


Sindri Steinarsson


Julia Mai Linnéa Maria 

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